Reflux – an update 

love from Leyla

Whenever we are lead into a false sense of security by the children and dare to revel in their accomplishments, the universe seems to have a sneaky way of teaching us a lesson and reminding us it’s the little one’s that are in charge around here. For example “hey the kids are sleeping great!” – cue screaming fits at 1:00 am, or “have you noticed there’s much less food on the floor at meals times?” – cue flying bowls and porridge dodging at 7:00 am, and “the kids haven’t had a cold for ages!” – cue snotty noses for the next 6 weeks…you get my drift.

So it’s with these strange cosmic forces in mind that I have hesitated in writing this post for a while because I was scared that if I publicized what I am about to tell you, the universe would conspire to punish me for bragging! But, here…

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love from Leyla

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how important I feel it is to structure babies daytime sleeps in order to ensure we all get the good night time sleep that we so desperately need! I learned so much with Ariana about how too much sleep during the day resulted in her waking earlier the following morning or not going to sleep at bed time at all and too little sleep made her tired and irritable all day, which resulted in her resisting her feeds and generally being pretty grumpy. With Kian and Kaira, I knew what quota of sleep they needed to be happy little babies during the day but also sleepy little babies during the night so here’s what we did if you would like to know.

I think there’s no point trying to structure any sleep until babies are over a couple of weeks old. Just getting twins into…

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The kids favourite apps

love from Leyla

It’s almost like a tornado has just blown into the house when the kids see one of our tablets emerge as theyall scramble for prime position to play with their favourite apps. We have 3 tablets (an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy and a Google Nexus)toreduce the amount of fighting and snatching that goes on between them and I really think a small amount of time spent playing with them is both fun and educational. Hereare 5 of our favourites:

Pango’s Playground

This is the first app that Ariana absolutely loved to play from around 15 months old and still does to this day. It has 4 playgrounds where kids can pop balloons, splash in the sea and catch trains and really create little worlds with their imaginations. It was nominated 3 times for the Best App Ever Award.

Peppa PigHappy Mrs Chicken

Happy-Mrs-Chicken-ScreenshotThis app really is a lot of fun…

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love from Leyla

Helpingbabies to sleep through the night is a main priority for all the parents I have ever spoken to, whether they have just one newborn or two. When I had Ariana I was lucky enough to enjoy 12 months maternity leave from work so she got to enjoy my undivided attention 24 hours a day and I lavished her with it. I rocked her to sleep, fed her to sleep, let her take her naps on my lap and then wondered why she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 12 months old. When I was pregnant with Kian and Kaira, I knew that I would have to teach them to self-settleas early as possible and that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t find it easy at first though. I remember when they were a few weeks old and I had just laid them down in their bed for…

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Spirulina smoothies

love from Leyla

It’s no secret that we make a lot of smoothies around here! Really, we can’t get enough of the stuff! So much so that our Nutribullet lasted just long enough for it to be past the manufacturers warranty (typical) and so we had to buy a new one a week ago. But every cloud has a silver lining and all that – this new one is so much quieter and doesn’t shake the roof off the house or terrify the kids every time we use it!

I’ve mentioned some of our recipes in precious posts (here and here) but I just wanted to update you on the latest addition to our juices that we’ve been loving – Spirulina! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it – I hadn’t until recently to be honest – but being the massive research geek that I am, I heard nothing but…

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Summer safari

love from Leyla

Getting out and about is what we do best in the summer! If there’s a spell of sunny days, we like to make the most of it and to us that means everything outdoors because here in the north west of England, the rain is always ready to pour!

So last week we ventured to Knowsley Safari Park, which was a tradition every summer while I was growing up and has been since we became parents too. I am like a child (can’t sleep the night before and waking up at the crack of dawn) on a day like this because I can’t handle the excitement to see the kids faces enjoying themselves, it feels like Christmas Day when I watch them having fun.

All set with our new library books for the back seat passengers, we made the journey in around 45 minutes and without any snatching and only…

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Bringing home babies – the first 2 weeks

love from Leyla

It’s such a blessing to create a life, particularly to create 2 at the same time. To feel 4 legs kicking you, 4 elbows wriggling and squishing you and to see 2 babies suck their thumbs and nuzzle together inside you during routine scans. To get used to answering the question ‘is it a girl or a boy?’ with ‘both!’ and seeing people’s faces light up in amazement and prepare the home and family for the arrival of 2 newborns is beyond describable but my pregnancy was a real mixture of emotions. I was excited to meet my babies but I also got quite apprehensive not knowing what to expect from the first few weeks of their arrival so I wanted to write an honest account of my experience of the first 2 weeks of bringing 2 babies into the world.
I am torn between honesty and diplomacy here because…

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