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Helpingbabies to sleep through the night is a main priority for all the parents I have ever spoken to, whether they have just one newborn or two. When I had Ariana I was lucky enough to enjoy 12 months maternity leave from work so she got to enjoy my undivided attention 24 hours a day and I lavished her with it. I rocked her to sleep, fed her to sleep, let her take her naps on my lap and then wondered why she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 12 months old. When I was pregnant with Kian and Kaira, I knew that I would have to teach them to self-settleas early as possible and that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t find it easy at first though. I remember when they were a few weeks old and I had just laid them down in their bed for…

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Spirulina smoothies

love from Leyla

It’s no secret that we make a lot of smoothies around here! Really, we can’t get enough of the stuff! So much so that our Nutribullet lasted just long enough for it to be past the manufacturers warranty (typical) and so we had to buy a new one a week ago. But every cloud has a silver lining and all that – this new one is so much quieter and doesn’t shake the roof off the house or terrify the kids every time we use it!

I’ve mentioned some of our recipes in precious posts (here and here) but I just wanted to update you on the latest addition to our juices that we’ve been loving – Spirulina! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it – I hadn’t until recently to be honest – but being the massive research geek that I am, I heard nothing but…

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Summer safari

love from Leyla

Getting out and about is what we do best in the summer! If there’s a spell of sunny days, we like to make the most of it and to us that means everything outdoors because here in the north west of England, the rain is always ready to pour!

So last week we ventured to Knowsley Safari Park, which was a tradition every summer while I was growing up and has been since we became parents too. I am like a child (can’t sleep the night before and waking up at the crack of dawn) on a day like this because I can’t handle the excitement to see the kids faces enjoying themselves, it feels like Christmas Day when I watch them having fun.

All set with our new library books for the back seat passengers, we made the journey in around 45 minutes and without any snatching and only…

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Bringing home babies – the first 2 weeks

love from Leyla

It’s such a blessing to create a life, particularly to create 2 at the same time. To feel 4 legs kicking you, 4 elbows wriggling and squishing you and to see 2 babies suck their thumbs and nuzzle together inside you during routine scans. To get used to answering the question ‘is it a girl or a boy?’ with ‘both!’ and seeing people’s faces light up in amazement and prepare the home and family for the arrival of 2 newborns is beyond describable but my pregnancy was a real mixture of emotions. I was excited to meet my babies but I also got quite apprehensive not knowing what to expect from the first few weeks of their arrival so I wanted to write an honest account of my experience of the first 2 weeks of bringing 2 babies into the world.
I am torn between honesty and diplomacy here because…

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Twins, a definitive list of the things you might need!

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Bringing two babies home from hospital was such a challenging experience for me and although already having one baby at home to care for added to the amount of work I had to do to settle them in, it was such a blessing because I already had recent experience in caring for newborns and the equipment that I needed. I am a massive researcher (once a student, always a student!) and so I spent a lot of my pregnancy researching new items on the market that could make my life easier when the babies arrived.  I was pretty organised to be honest, but that’s only because I already was a stay at home mum and I had the time to plan. One of the questions I have been asked the most is for a list of my recommended items that in an ideal world parents could buy before their baby/babies…

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Fun on the farm

love from Leyla

Well, the sun shone on a Saturday for the first time in a few weeks and Ariana had one of her brilliant ideas, to visit the local animal farm. It’s been a few years since we went to Lancaster Park and it was a nice surprise to see some fantastic improvements that have transformed it into one of the best attraction I think we have here in the north of Manchester.

One of our favourite things to do at weekend is get out and explore with the kids. Having Ste around to change nappiesand fasten car seats, is a huge relief and makes it so much easier for us to get up and out of the door with minimal fuss. The twins are getting older and even attempting to put on their own shoes and fasten their own zips, which always reminds me how quickly these baby years are passing…

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Learning through play even on a a rainy day – Eureka Children’s Museum

love from Leyla

On a rainy walk home from preschool a few days ago, Ariana said “mummy, can you tell me when it’s Spring?” and although I explained to her that it already was the supposed sunshine season, the description she asked me to repeat did not fit the grey skies overhead and muddy puddles we were jumping over and I think I’m just as confused about the weather as she is. And although I’m not complaining (much!) it is getting difficult to keep finding new ways to keep the children entertained during these gloomy school holidays.

So today Ariana and I and our best friends Caz and Zach decided to go on an adventure that didn’t involve praying for sunshine the night before to visit the leading children’s museum in the UK – Eureka. We drove to Halifax and spent around 4 hours watching the kids enjoy themselves indoors (and a little…

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